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10 Tales to Talk About Vol. 1

Everyone learns by watching the world around them. Young children especially, find fascinating things everywhere! Stars, birds, workers, animals, and even rocks all give everyone amazing things to think about and talk about.

When we were young, we could ‘think big’ about our future goals and still have the time to learn more before we attempted to pursue our dreams. Success depended upon determination, attitude, and the personal pride that was typically found in the mirror.

In the past, the majority of these characteristics were instilled into us by our parents, grandparents, and the very good friends that guided our steps as we took our journey.   

Today, children from 8-12 years old, spend between 4-6 hours per day looking at screens! Teens average a whopping 7-9 hours per day staring at their devices. Even while in the same room, they’ll often choose their favorite social media rather than talking with each other. So who will they learn from . . . you or the internet?

The short stories of ‘10 Tales to Talk About’. are designed to get parents back in the game. Each uses an imaginative life event with interesting ideas which can easily generate conversations. Kids and parents alike will enjoy each short tale to ‘Talk About.’

Kids of all ages will discover that anyone can reach for the stars, but sometimes it may take a little luck, a leap of faith, or perhaps even a bit of magic to make those dreams come true.     

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