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When you were just a little child, I knew when you were sad.
I knew if you had won the game and knew when you'd been bad.

You didn’t need to say a word . . . I saw it on your face.
I knew the twinkle in your eye.  No words could this replace.

And then I knew when you were proud . . . you’d stiffen up your chin.
Then grow a smile with widened eyes . . . a silly kind of grin.
When you’d get sick and needed love, I’d sense your lonely heart.
Then feel the aches and pains you had as though we weren’t apart.

I felt the warmth of love returned without a hug or kiss.
And knew your day was joyful or when something was amiss.
And when you had a question, I could see your lips all curled.
Somehow my silent smile could calm the puzzles in your world.

The years moved gently forward and you gave your heart away
to one like me who held you near . . . then felt your love each day.
Your thoughts shall speak most clearly to the ones who know you well.
And then embrace your soul each day with fewer words to tell.

One day when I’ve departed and you miss my company . . .
just listen to the passing breeze, for this is where I’ll be.
You’ll hear my voice and see my smile in memories soft and kind.
Then you and I shall share our souls forever so entwined.

Reach out to sense your children’s thoughts. They speak to you each day.
To tell you when they’re gloomy . . . when they haven’t much to say.
Your lives shall be connected though you may not be around.
Just listen to the voices . . . that are spoken without sound.


Bob Sulier


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