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What Works

1 Road Worker.jpg


I see a deep hole in the ground.

I guess I'll have to walk around.

It looks like workers way down there.

Perhaps to fix a pipeline tear.

An now a ladder's in my way.

The workers are on top today.

They may be up there trying to get

a phone line fixed or moved, I'll bet.

It seems they're almost everywhere!

Some up, some down, some here or there.

And then I thought it's hard to see

how many workers there must be!

They cut the grass and plow the snow

or cook your burger . . . did you know?

They grow the corn and trim your tree

and fix your tire on bended knee.


Some build a house . . . Some tear it down.

They raise the cows or farm the ground.

Some make your pizza quick and neat

Police will guard our town and street.


My doctor is a worker too,

with nurses who can fix my flu.

There's hockey, golf or baseball players,

or bakers making cakes in layers.

We can't forget when pilots fly,

or astronauts in spaceships high. 

While fish are caught on giant boats,

musicians play amazing notes!

My teacher works to help me learn.

The fire fighters stop the burn. 

So what about the circus clown?

It's always fun when they're around!

The seller sells.  The umpire yells.

While priests will ring the steeple bells.

The bus and taxi drivers drive

while bees make honey in their hive.

For now there's just too much to see!

Someday a WORKER'S what I'll be!

My teacher says I have some time

to find which tree I'd like to climb.

Until I do, I'll watch them all.

And wait 'till I get big and tall.

I'll go to work with all the rest.

And know I'll be the VERY BEST!




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