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I hope that I can make the team. I hope that I will pass.
I hope it doesn’t cost too much. I hope I don’t need gas.

I hope there is enough to eat. I hope that it won’t rain.
I hope that it will all work out. I hope there’s not much pain.

I hope that I look good enough. I hope that I won’t fail.
I hope the sun will shine. I hope the money’s in the mail.

I hope that I will not forget. I hope that you won’t mind.
I hope we’ll be ok. I hope we won’t be left behind.

I hope that I’ll be back again. I hope that he won’t die.
I hope that I will have the strength to give it one more try.

I hope that you won’t worry if I’m gone for quite awhile.
I hope that you’ll remember me and keep that cheerful smile.

I hope that I will always see the flowers bloom in Spring.
I hope to hear some thunder and to watch the children sing.

I hope the future’s brighter as our lives get near their end.
I hope we’ll be together as we walk around the bend.

I hope that I will always feel the warmth of your embrace.
I hope someday I’ll understand the worries that we chase.

I hope I’ll get to heaven and I hope my prayers are heard.
I hope in time we’ll come to find he’s heard our every word.

I hope the world will grant your wishes each and every day.
I hope the Lord will smile on us before we pass away.

I hope we live a joyful life that wipes away our tears.
I hope to always hold your hand throughout the coming years.



Bob Sulier


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