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Into Your Arms

Into your arms.jpg

Into the rain I dared to take my evening walk
down darkened streets as lamps could share but dismal glow.
Puddles soaked my worn, unpolished shoes
while wind would shake the few remaining leaves about.

No sense have I that tests my aging soul
against the chill with thoughts of sickly days in bed.
Yet on I saunter thru the night alone
to find my fill of nature sweet with senses stirred.

But soon so gifted shall my journey be
when corridors of glistening light reflect above.
Now colors dance to guide my mirrored path
with torrents' joyful chase to gutters down below.

Upon my face the sheets of droplets flew
then washed my lengthy coat with bulging pockets filled.
Her whisper sounds of branches in the breeze . . .
and I . . . immersed in symphony . . . She played for only me.

With every breath, oh gracious stormy night,
please cleanse my longing spirit with your strength delight.
Then fill my soul with gentle nature's rest . . .
to find my lonely way into your arms so blessed.


Bob Sulier


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