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I See the Small

I see the small.jpg

I see the small.
Pebbles near the highest peaks.
Yellow blades on lush green lawns.
Rain drops upon silent lakes.
A lonely star on heaven's lofty seas.

I see the small.
The crimson leaves on forest trees.
A wild-flower's face in an open field.
A glistening shell on a sandy beach.
The candle's glow in cathedrals dark.

I see the small
A dimple on a small one's chin.
A ray of hope when all seems lost.
The prideful grin with a job well done.
A favorite meal that warms the soul.

I see the small
Gratitude for the slightest gifts.
Hugs that make you think you're loved.
A fleeting thought of a moment shared.
A message just to say "Good Night."

I see the small
The hand in mine when I feel alone.
A friend's letter that shares a sorrow.
A photo of a loved one lost.
The worried tear in a young mother's eye.

I've found the greatest sights of all!
With joyful heart, I see the small.



Bob Sulier

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