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Who Is Mother Nature?

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The weather person said that Mother Nature made it storm.
And then said that she brought the cold when we all wanted warm.
I’ve heard them say tornadoes can be added to the mix.
Then lightening and thunder are some more of her mean tricks!


The cold wind blew in Winter bringing snow and nasty ice.
The weather person said that Mother Nature wasn’t nice.
Sometimes I'd like to go outside and play some ball with friends.
We’d sit inside and watch the storm with rain that never ends.


I played some football on a day while snow was coming down.
It turned into a snowball fight as we slipped all around.
It seems that Mother Nature hasn’t ever been a child . . .
and if she was, her parents must have thought that she was wild!


Then all at once a rainbow shown across the bluest sky.
The sun was warm, the breeze was calm as birds were flying by.
The weather person said that Mother Nature gave a treat!
I wondered what had caused her turning suddenly so sweet.


Who is this "Mother Nature" who can change her mind so fast?
And why can’t she just give us lots of sunshine that will last?
That’s when I thought if this were so, the flowers soon would die.
There’d be no grass on baseball fields. No rainbows in the sky.


My teacher said the universe will move and change each day.
And life is like a gentle drive with bumps along the way.
As Mother Earth provides for us, we take each bump in stride,
and care for all God’s creatures, then be thankful for the ride.


Now Mother Earth and Mother Nature’s all the same to me!
I think that nature’s changes are in all of us to see.
So rain or shine or snow or wind or just a pretty day,
I’ll cross my fingers, say a prayer, then go outside and play.


Bob Sulier


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